Q. Do I have the right to choose which shop repairs my vehicle?

A. YES. At times, an insurance company or agency may direct you to a shop they feel comfortable with. Do your homework! Make sure you are comfortable with the shop you allow to repair your vehicle. Many shops come and go and use misleading and unethical tactics. Inform yourself and remember the insurance company is a business! The more they save on costs of repair the more profit they make!


Q. Will the paint on my car match when your finished with the repair?

A. YES, with our computerized paint mixing system, colour matching is normally easy to achieve. Proper care of your vehicle by washing and waxing with normal frequently is always helpful.


Q. How do I know you which body repair shop to choose?

A. Look for references, check to make sure they have certified mechanics working on your vehicle and look at the facility.

At the YRCC, our mechanics are certified and we use the latest industry standard tools to service and repair your vehicle. We back up our work with a lifetime warranty.